Ending the climate crisis in one generation

By Jena Griffiths | November 8, 2021

Highly recommended reading! Paul Hawken’s book Regeneration, Ending the climate crisis in one generation is an empowering, hopeful and beautiful book offering us sane advice in a world that’s seemingly spinning in the opposite direction.

“It’s not game over. It’s game on,” says Paul

and his solution is simple:

“Stop. Turn around. Go the other way.”

The solutions are not technical. They are about relationship. We can choose practice the one superpower we can all evoke at will – to be humane.

“The root cause of global warming is the massive disconnetion between each other, between people and nature…regeneration is really about reconnecting those broken strands.”
“Vital connections have been severed between humans and nature…
and it is where we can discover solutions…
“Regeneration means putting life at the centre of every action and decision.
“The ultimate power to change the world does not reside in technologies. It relies on reverence, respect, and compassion – for ourselves, for all people and for all life. ” Paul Hawken


Where to start?

Paul offers 12 Guidelines, the yes or no questions listed below, that help us sharpen our focus to see the longer view.

We can apply these guidelines to every action or decision we take.

Does the action create more life or reduce it?
Does it heal the future or steal the future?
Does it enhance human well-being or diminish it?
Does it prevent disease or profit from it?
Does it create livelihoods or eliminate them?
Does it restore land or degrade it?
Does it increase global warming or decrease it?
Does it serve human needs or manufacture human wants?
Does it reduce poverty or expand it?
Does it promote fundamental human rights or deny them?
Does it provide workers with dignity or demean them?
In short, is the activity extractive or regenerative?

“There is no difference between a climate denier and someone who understands the problem but does nothing;,” says Paul. “No one is coming to help. Collectives begin with one person and then another, the invisible social space where commitment and action join and come together and become a movement.”

Are your moment to moment choices  supporting life and regeneration or the opposite?

Action by action ask yourself:
What am I eating? What am I buying? What am I wearing? What am I making? ….

More about this, see Paul’s website: regeneration.org

Some recent interviews:


30 minutes


2 hrs with garrison institute

Drawdown solutions

Surprisingly reduced food waste is the 3rd biggest solution to reducing carbon in the atmosphere!

This is something we can all easily address. So too changing what we eat and what we buy or support.

Check out all the Nexus Challenges and solutions that address and prevent the climate crisis. Details of what needs to be done and how to do it on all levels of agency. Going live soon Agroecology, Heat Pumps, Marine Protected Areas, and Boreal Forests.. .get engaged wherever you feel inspired or called to.




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