Are you at the end of your tether?

By Jena Griffiths | November 8, 2012

suicide, end of the road
Sometimes this world can seem like a very dark place. it’s hard to find hope or a reason to be here. If this is where you are right now, let me tell you something. Most people won’t share this because they find it too indicting, or too embarrassing to admit. They see it as a flaw in their character. But it’s not a flaw. Actually, it comes with being human. We all wonder at some point. Should I step out of the game? Can I stand this any longer? What’s the point anyway?

Freud even gave this a name – he called it a death drive, or death wish.

In his novel, the Hanging Tree, David Lambkin tells a story about an archaeological dig in Africa – they’re unearthing the fossils of world’s first murder victim. But then guess what? It turns out that it the world’s first recorded murder wasn’t a murder at all but a family suicide.
I find this a profound thought. The idea that even prehistoric man wrestled with this demon.

It’s so easy to forget that we are spirits having a human experience

So how do you live with this part of you that wants to end everything?

We get so caught up in the game we are playing we forget who we really are. The gurus all say you are never alone. They also say you can test this theory by taking yourself right to the edge, where you can’t manage anymore. Some other force steps in and takes over.

I like to think of us as deep sea divers. With an oxygen cable running up to a massive support team up above. Deep sea divers can talk to their team in the boat up above. And the team can change the oxygen mixture to suit your conditions and how deep you are diving.

Sometimes we feel like the chord has been cut. That we are totally alone. But that is impossible.
YOU CAN NEVER BE DISCONNECTED. It just feels that way.
Just imagine the chord and you’ll be reconnected instantly.
Think of your emotions as a buoyancy vest. This is what divers use to go up or down.
What you are doing on this planet is learning how to go up or down by managing your emotions.
You drop your energy and you descend into darkness. You learn to put oxygen into your emotions (buoyancy vest) and you rise up. It’s the same planet but a completely different place. Suddenly you’re up where the sun can reach. Where there is beautiful coral and lots of colored fish and people you love. More about this.

I’m writing about this because last week someone stepped in front of a train near where I live. I think that’s a very unfair thing to do to other people as well as yourself.

What to do when you feel you have dropped to the bottom of the ocean?
Here are some action steps you can do right now:

1. Sit with the feeling of wanting to end it and feel gratitude for the feeling even though you don’t know why.

2. Imagine your spine is a hollow tube full of light. See this tube getting brighter and brighter. Imagine this tube extending right up above your head and right down to the center of the Earth. You can breathe in more light from both directions. Breathe in energy alternatively from above and below.

Alternatively use Phyllis Krystal’s Maypole exercise in the same way. Here you connect to the HIgher C via a colored ribbon. You can access this guided meditation in the free auditorium.

3.Ask for help. You have a whole support team up there waiting to help you. They can’t help you until you actually ask them.

4. Listen to some of the interviews in the archives about dealing with depression – eg. using breath or EFT or Richard Moss on the Mandala of Being (manging your emotions). Or get the book The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue.

5. Change your posture. Lift your head and change your facial expression. This sounds weird but put a pen between your teeth. (Seriously!) Exercise also really helps. So does omega 3 and sunshine.

6. Just think about one other person, or animal or plant you could help, and then do it.

7. You have a reason for being here and this is visible in your fingerprints.
Consider having your fingerprints analyzed. Your fingerprints are a map that show you how to adjust your buoyancy vest – you can learn to manage your emotions according to this map – and learn to go up instead of down. If you know someone else who is depressed send them for hand analysis.

8. You can also learn how to increase your energy and self mastery using sacred geometry through the book and Cds The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon.

Good luck.

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