Are you a floppy surfboard?

By Jena Griffiths | May 14, 2011

Last week on holiday we spent quite a bit
of time gurgling in the sea, snorkelling
and body surfing.
One day in the surf my son broke
a cheap bodyboard that he’d picked up
at a local beach cafe –
it was really just a piece of polystyrene
covered with a reinforced material.

He kept using it for a while but soon found
he couldn’t stay in a wave as long as
the rest of us any more.

It’s an image that’s stayed with me all week.
A floppy surfboard.

What does this mean?

Is this what happens to us when we give up
on our dreams?
Or when we stop living with conviction?
We turn into pleasers?
Can this be fixed?

A surfboard only works because it resists
rather than yields.

Yet here was Marina Borrusso in her
workshop on Wednesday saying:
we need to surrender to life.

To what exactly?
Whatever is happening to you right now.

While she said this
I kept thinking of the broken, floppy surfboard.

But then Marina said, surrender doesn’t mean
“give up”
It means: to say “Yes” to what is.

So, in this case, surrender to the wave means
to say yes to the wave. And to ride it fully.

But how can you cure a floppy inner surfboard?

I think, by going back to and living our convictions.
How about you? What do you think?

The theme this coming month in Earth School
is all about a different kind of ride
– the roller-coaster.

One minute you’re on a high,
the next you’re in the pits.
Then you’re up again. Soaring.

Can you get off before
the next dive?
Would you even want to?

How does this show up in hands?

If you have one or more composite fingerprints
in your hands or fingertips it’s time to
prick up your ears.

We’ll be exploring this topic in Earth School
the coming weeks.

In the meantime, may you surrender fully to whatever
your weekend has in store for you.

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