What is Earth School?

“I like to think of the Earth as a school, and we’ve all come to this school to learn how to be totally creative and deliberate with our intentions and our thoughts and our feelings…. So, as long as you’re in school, you’re in school. Have a good time with it!” Jack Canfield – Effortless Success

Earth School is a place of learning, packed with advice from people who have wisdom to share. The focus is on unlocking human potential. Jena interviews experts across a broad range of self help fields. You can listen to all the free interviews available here.

And the ear?
hand analysis classes with the mastersOriginal thinking behind the ear
Earth school is shaped like an ear because this is where new information comes in. Then gets interpreted. Interpretation is the key to all change. By changing the stories you tell yourself (your interpretation of events) you change your experience.
How does this work?
Changing your interpretation changes how you feel; your emotions. This is called re-framing. Your emotions and feelings influence your vibrational frequency. Changing your frequency allows you to attract other experiences and people into your life. It also allows you to see other possibilities and opportunities right in front of you that you perhaps haven’t noticed before, or acted upon.
Your vibrational reality is driven by your feeling state. The pattern that drives this feeling state (what triggers you, what makes you feel fulfilled and what drains you) is visible in your fingerprints. Knowing your own pattern helps you see the game you are playing and hence shift radically. You will get a free lesson on this when you sign in.
More about the ear in ear-thschool
Listening with your h(ear)t
Are you a noun or a verb?

How can you join Earth School?

There are several levels of membership.
You can listen to all the talks in the free auditorium and access all the additional free material by registering here.
Or you can register for specialist classes in Earth School.

Specialist Classes

One of the best self discovery tools you can use while in “Earth School” is Life Purpose Hand Analysis.
Over the years, the deeper levels of Earth School have grown into a vast multi-leveled reference library for anyone interested in exploring this field in greater depth. It has become an invaluable resource for both amateur and professional hand analysts. You can unlock all levels of this reference library all at once, or one by one as you need them. All members, even free members, get special rates and access to lots of additional material. Register as a free member here.
The first series of specialist classes in Earth School were with Richard Unger, the world’s leading authority on Hand Analysis. Each week 2010 – end 2016, Jena Griffiths hosted Richard in on a different topic, covering a vast range of material for all levels.

Who founded Earth School?

Earth School was founded on 24 September 2010 by Jena Griffiths, a professional hand analyst, based in Zürich, Switzerland. Earth School now has an advanced campus called Earthuni where the focus is on frequency and subtle body competencies.
Jena is a BA BSc hons graduate from the University of Cape Town (Majors: Psychology, Social Anthropology and Geography). Post grad degrees in meteorology, environmental impact and Education. She was SA triathlon and cycling champ in the early 90’s and worked 10 years in advertising as a copywriter before sailing around the world and then changing her life completely. She’s a certified master hand analyst and Life Purpose coach working with this system since 2004. She teaches and consults internationally.
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professional hand analyst

Earth School Founder Jena Griffiths

Jena Griffiths
BA BSc (hons) PCE, CHA, AHA, MHA.
“It is my prayer that this website will help in some way.” says Jena.