Is water a doorway into other worlds?

By Jena Griffiths | October 15, 2010

The Blue Planet
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A few years ago I attended Masaru Emoto’s annual thanks and gratitude to water ceremony in Lichtenstein where Emoto spoke on his thesis that water is a carrier of information. Besides his magnificent water crystal images showing the power of thought, sound and prayer, the part I found most fascinating was his brief mention that NASA has record of Earth being bombarded daily by thousands of water meteorites.

Why us? Why not other planets like Mars? And, if water is a carrier of information, what are the implications?

The idea that water is a portal into other worlds and dimensions was also promoted by Carlos Castenada.
In his book The art of dreaming Castenada talks about dreams, fire and water being doorways we can use to enter other dimensions. These portals, he said, work in both directions. Other beings (scouts from other dimensions) use these portals to enter and explore our world. Casteneda wrote a lot about this happening in dreams but not too much about water as a portal.

Water is what defines us and our planet and yet we know so little about this mysterious life giving substance.

Certainly it’s our most precious possession. Water is life. Treasure it. And help others get access to this most essential human right.

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