Rolling eggs

By Jena Griffiths | April 8, 2012

Every Easter I think about my Scottish mother’s longing to roll boiled eggs down a grassy slope to see whose survives the longest. It was one of the crazy traditions she brought with her when her family emigrated from Scotland to one of the flattest, driest, rockiest parts of Africa.

Each year she would think of doing it but we could never find a soft green hill.

In Switzerland there are lots of soft green slopes so this Easter Friday my son and I went to roll our eggs down a particularly steep slope behind our house. A Swiss neighbour asked me why. I had to google it to find out.

Apparently it symbolizes rolling the boulders away from Jesus’s tomb.

In her Easter message with Steven Dinan, Barbara Hubbard of the Shift says that each of us is busy going through a period of “being in the tomb”, feeling disconnected from spirit, and this is just a normal part of the process of metamorphosis we’re in right now. Collectively as a species we’re on the brink of rebirth and renewal.

What to do?

Know you’re not alone. Maybe roll an egg down a hill to remind yourself this is a temporary state.
Use your breath to reconnect with spirit. And big hugs to reconnect with friends and loved ones around you.

Happy Easter,
(It’s snowing here today! Happy Spring?)

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