More feedback on the Judith Kravitz transformational breath workshop

By Jena Griffiths | October 22, 2010

I attended Judith’s transformational breath workshop last weekend and feel really blessed to have been there.

I’ve never seen so much healing take place in such a short period of time. Nor experience it first hand.
Judith had facilitators from England, Switzerland, Belgium and Turkey. All were really professional and deeply supportive.

Participants were divided into small groups each with our own experienced faciltator. I was in a group with someone who leads rebirthing groups in Australia. He was extremely impressed with Judith’s way of working with breath and said it is far more advanced than any other healing breath techniques available.

Breath analysis

Judith uses a combination of breath work, affirmations and sound toning. The affirmations change depending on one’s breathing style. And so, during a session the facilitator often uses several different affirmations depending on what area of your lungs you aren’t using.

For example, if you don’t breath deeply into your abdomen this indicates a resistance to being here in a body. Not breathing into this area blocks your creativity and will and promotes self destructive behaviour, lack of focus and a subconscious death urge.

Judith recommends deep abdominal breathing while affirming: “It’s safe to be in my body. I am completely safe. I forgive myself completely.”

We also block abundance through our breath, sometimes we’ve shut down our expression of love or trust in a higher force.

Lack of breathing in the sternum area indicates a closed heart. This often happens in early childhood as a way of surviving strong willed parents. The affirmation in this instance is “It is safe to give and receive love. It is safe to express my feelings.” (For more on this see the chapter in breath analysis in Judith’s book: Breathe deep, Laugh loudly.

During the breath analysis we lay on the ground in small groups of 3 or 4 people. Each group had its own trained facilitator as an ever present guide. Judith walked around the room and would help wherever she was most needed.
Judith watched me breathe as I normally do then she said “Stop it! I can’t bear to watch you anymore.”
She said my heart was completely open but everything lower down was shut down.

We changed this over the course of the weekend and were given tools to keep breathing fully.

My personal experience of Judith’s work: during the first two sessions everyone around me seemed to be having intense experiences but not me. I kept forgetting to breath. Judith explained that this was part of the process.

This changed in the third session which was extremely intense for me. In the forth session Judith lead us through a guided breathing session to connect with source. This was also very intense for me and everyone else present.

Judith says “While training people to breathe better, I have witnessed them overcome life-threatening diseases, addictions, and psychiatric disorders. I no longer consider these experiences miracles. I have come to realize they are a natural result of returning to the essence of being. Our breathing can take us there.”

I was in the group facilitated by Catherine Rusconi of and highly recommend her work. All facilitators trained by Judith were very professional; both competent and caring.
More on the forthcoming workshop in Turkey 28 Oct 2010 scroll down to a previous blog.

If you’d like to listen to the interview I did with Judith before the workshop you can access the replay here. or by registering for Earth School alongside on the right hand side of this webpage.

Hand analysis plus transformational breath.

While both these techniques are effective on their own, they work really well together because one is a “mental” tool and the other body work. Hand analysis helps you understand and reinterpret past events in your life. Transformational breath helps you release and transform the pain and heal at a cellular level.

While I’m sure transformational breath works on its own, I was really glad I had hand analysis as a reference point because during the process one gets flooded with painful memories, emotions and body feelings. Knowing what my sacred work is from my fingerprint patterns helped me to understand and reinterpret these memories. It’s easier to forgive the people involved when one can understand the
collaboration from a higher perspective. Your fingerprints help you see that it is a supportive universe.

This helps you change the story you keep telling yourself about your life.

Don’t know what your sacred work or life purpose is?

I’ve written up a simple 5 step way for you to analyse your own fingerprints using the Lifeprints system. You can use this method to work out what your sacred work is. You can also use the same steps to work out your life purpose.

Download this free report plus a recording of a class I did on this topic in the free members zone. Register on the right side of this webpage.

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2 Responses to “More feedback on the Judith Kravitz transformational breath workshop”

  1. julia Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    wow, is this article written for me. Its hard to breath like that. Must be blocked everywhere. Thanx for sharing this info =)

  2. jenagriffiths Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    Hi Julia,

    If you can get a few days off next week and week after I recommend you go to Turkey.
    Otherwise there is a facilitator in Zurich trained by Judith called Danilela Rusconi email
    and one in basel:

    In the meantime, breathe as deeply as you can into your lower belly.