Is this mother abuse?

By jennagriffiths | March 20, 2011

Last week I asked my 11 year old son to help me
make a video for you for about the topic
“allowing your mud to settle.”

He agreed but the experience was real torture.
I’m not sure if it was child abuse or mother abuse or both.

First he wouldn’t let me re-do any of the parts where
I fluffed the words.

Then he said it was too long and boring so he cut
out half of what I wanted to tell you.

Then he said its still too boring
so he changed the pitch of my voice and tried out
every visual effect under the sun.

I think there should be a telephone number mothers can
phone when they’re being abused by their children.

In the end I had to pay him 10 Francs to finish it
and I’m nearly too embarrassed to show you the result.

To make matters worse
I put it on Facebook last week and only my sister
liked it!

Should I take it down?
Is it really that bad?

Please give me your honest opinion here
and either like or dislike it so I can decide
what to do.

Mud Challenge?

My challenge to you:

Make a better “Mud message in a bottle” video
than mine and I’ll give you a prize.
At the end of 30 days we’ll choose the best
More about this:

Coming up in Earth School

We have 2 calls with Richard Unger
and one call with Richard Moss (the mud message man)

All these calls are on this month’s topic:
Dealing with the Inner Critic.

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