Cures for depression: Ilahinoor

By Jena Griffiths | November 8, 2010

I recently interviewed Kiara Windrider on a new way of accessing healing energy through Ilahinoor, which uses an additional chakra point at the back of one’s head.

ilahinoor healing energy founder

Kiara Windrider

Kiara was previously a psychotherapist but now travels the world training people in this new system. He is author of Journey into Forever and has some fascinating views on Earth changes, magnetic fields and how he sees radical changes in these fields impacting on us and our energetic systems.

We talked about existential depression, Mayan calanders and the so called “end of the world” which he sees simply as a scheduled magnetic readjustment.

Kiara’s new way of accessing healing energy creates a bridge that bypasses the thinking mind, grounding this energy deeper into one’s physical body.

You can access the replay of this interview in the free auditorium of Earth School.
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