Can shamans help you with depression and other problems?

By Jena Griffiths | December 9, 2010

Yesterday’s call with NY shaman Itzhak Beery was so important, I have decided to make this link available to you even if you have not yet registered for the free auditorium of Earth School.

This call gives you an example of some of the other calls available here as a free resource.

During this call we discussed many topics related to shamanism and the shamanistic perspective.
Itzhak very kindly stayed on an additional hour to answer all the questions that came in.

We discussed
what is shamanism
* Why shamanism is becoming a hot trend at this time
* The meaning of the word, what is a shaman.
* What is shamanism? What is its philosophy? Is it a religious?
* What can we learn from the ancient indigenous cultures that is relevant to our modern life.

Itzhak’s training and view point
How to develop these skills yourself
white and black shamans,
grounding yourself, finding balance and the importance of doing other work as well,
protecting yourself energetically,
empowering workshops at schools for children,
burnout and depression from a shamanistic perspective,
Do we all have in us the qualities to become shamanic healers,
How can you join a shamanic community and work,
How can one tell if a shaman is good or bad?,
How can shamanism improve your life,
Can I use what I learn to heal others in my family or practice?,
Is there really black magic out there and, if so, what can people do to protect themselves?,
Itzhak’s thoughts on, ayahuasca as a cure for depression,
Power animals,
calling your spirit back,
and lots more!

To work with Itzhak visit his website and sign up for his monthly newsletter.

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