Are you really responsible?

By Jena Griffiths | September 22, 2011

family constellations
On 3 October I’ll be interviewing Rachelle Fürer in the Earth School free auditorium.
Rachelle is a counsellor and integral life coach based in Zürich Switzerland. She’s also a family constellations practitioner. This is a system developed by Bert Hellinger based on African spirituality, the role of ancestors, “the knowing field” and family patterns in every day life.
I’ll be interviewing Rachelle on this system and also on her thoughts about responsibility, particularly family responsibilities.
Topic: Are you really responsible?
Time: 8pm Switzerland/Central Europe/S Africa; 7pm UK, 2pm USA Eastern, 11am pacific.

integral life coach and family constellations practitioner Zurich Switzerland

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What are family consellations?
I asked Rachelle this question and this is what she said:

“Each of us is connected to one another at the level of the Soul, this is particularly true for a family. We are all genetically and emotionally linked to our individual families for life, regardless of how much distance we may think we have put between us. As children we take on the emotional and mental patterns of our parents and their parents and we grow-up with these unquestioned models running our lives in the background.

To a greater part it is then the unseen that determines how we deal with events and circumstances in our lives. We forget that hidden behind any given behaviour are attitudes, values, rules of reference, coping mechanisms, feelings, expectations and longings that often stem from our family systems.

Family Constellations is a gracious methodology that reveals inherited imbalances within the system and finds resolution by honouring what is. It can be used as a tool to look at the hidden dynamics governing diverse areas of our lives such as work, illness, relationships and money as well as disturbing characteristics like self-sabotage, stubbornness, anxiety, jealousy and anger that are results of previous events that disturbed the balance of the family system.

People are frequently amazed and deeply touched when the loyalties and dynamics within their current and ancestral systems are uncovered and the natural flow of love is re-established. This enables them to move through their lives with greater ease and free of burdens from the past.

Family Constellations helps individuals and couples who are seeking ways of working with difficulties in their lives, whether manifest in physical illness or in disruptive life patterns.”

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