All calls up until 2016 were in Earth School.
From 2017 on, all new classes will be Earthuni

Coming soon

Markus Hirzig
All future calls are in Earthuni.
Markus Hirzig will give his perspective on Burnout December 18, 2017. Join this call live or access replay Access here

Group Coaching

Develop your Subtle Body Competencies with Markus Hirzig –
A new series of coaching calls on grounding with Markus Hirzig
Starts April 2018

end old emotional pain
Drs Ingeborg Bosch will be teaching a PRI Level 1 Certification course in Earthuni soon.
Listen to an interview with Ingeborg here….

2018 Specialist Classes

1. Past Reality Integration – PRI level 1 Practitioner Certification Course with Drs Ingeborg Bosch.
Starts January 2018.

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