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By Jena Griffiths | June 20, 2021

As a free member of Earth School (and its sister site Earthuni) you have access to several of interviews and classes that took place with Richard Unger on a weekly basis over a six year period.
These calls are now part of huge libray of interviews and classes with Richard, available as a searchable resource for professional hand analysts and teachers of hand analysis.

Quickly find all the places where we discussed any particular marker. It may have been discussed during a topic call, such as “Irresponsibility” or “Not knowing what you want” or numerous other topics. Or the marker may have been discussed in detail while looking at a particular hand in relation to other markers (advanced threading calls) or during a pattern recognition call for one or more of the hand shapes classes. Or in one of the many other series. The search function helps you find these locations and the time into the call when discussed.

Here are some of the calls and classes open to all as part of the free auditorium.

Simply log in free to access all of the following calls:

Richard on advanced hand shapes: 4 free vidoes

Richard on Simian lines and other earlier free calls:

Advanced Hand Shape

Topic calls. – Can’t say no? (part of an invalauble series from our pre-video days)

Threading practice call on Apollo star.

The Life lessons – left index finger (left Jupiter Life lesson)

Breaks on lifeline and heart line call 1 and 2. (3 hours)

And in case I missed something, an earlier post with more free calls.

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