Think like a surfer

by Jena Griffiths

There’s a wave of change sweeping this planet.


You’re either riding the wave or you’re under it.


Think like a surfer.

Surfers know it’s normal to fall off waves.
Part of the fun actually!
They try get back on as soon as they can.

Are you out floating beyond the breakers
growing wrinkles waiting for….what?

There’s really only one thing holding you back.



What’s the story you tell yourself
and others why you absolutely can’t
stand on your board?

Are you perhaps:
Too old? Too young? Too fat? Too scattered?
Too married? Too unmarried? Too overwhelmed?
Your mother won’t let you?
No arms? No legs?

Want to know what my excuse was
until a video about a guy with no arms or legs came and snatched it away?

Something to do with technology and strange hairdos.
Nothing a tumble or two in the surf won’t cure.

Let’s quit hanging behind the breakers.
Let’s go surfing.

Take a tumble or two today.
Btw, it’s a great way to get rid of old hairdos.
Probably old husbands too.

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