Replay Phyllis Krystal

98 and still going strong, Phyllis Krystal is a living testimony to the power of her healing method.

Phyllis Krystal in Earth School

Phyllis has agreed to teach you her method and answer questions in Earth School.
Phone into Earth School every Wednesday to speak to her live by phone or skype wherever you are in the world.
Or listen online and type in questions for her on your screen.
Every Wednesday. Time: 2 pm Switzerland/Central Europe. Elsewhere
Replays: The replay will posted up straight after the call.
Watch the news page for more information about these calls.

Connecting with the higher Consciousness
At the core of Phyllis’s work is connecting with “all that is” through your own higher consciousness.

Phyllis recommends using the Maypole Practice as a way to connect daily to ask and to receive exactly what you need right now. You choose any color ribbon – your choice for the day – and then visualize holding it and using it like a telephone line. The ribbon connects to a golden sphere at the top of the maypole (representing your own Higher Consciousness). Instead of asking for what you want, ask for it to send you exactly what is right for you right now.

She explains this process in detail during the call.