more about the ear

hand analysis classes with the masters

More about the ear and the rationale behind Earth School

Just like an ear, there’s an outer part and an inner part.

The outer part of Earth School is like the visible part of an ear. It’s a big open air auditorium,
The doors are always open. The seats are free and you can come and go as you like.

Every month we explore a different topic.
Every month experts in their field are invited to come share their wisdom with you.

And the inner part of Earth School?
Just like the inner ear, the technique is a one-on-one transfer of information. How to shift one’s vibration and create harmony rather than disharmony. Molecules rub against each other. So do humans. And being conscious about relationships and one’s effect on others around you is what we focus on mainly.

There’s a middle school.
This is the learn-by-doing area. It’s a playground (still in embryo) where you learn conscious partnering and how to manage your energy by seeing your life and everyone in it from a broader perspective.

Then there’s an inner school.
These are 3 closed door classrooms for professional hand analysts.
We bring Richard Unger, the teacher of all other accredited hand analysis teachers, direct to your living room.
The first classroom explores a different topic each month from a hands perspective
The second classroom is to improve data base and threading skills
The 3rd classroom covers advanced hand shape, Richard Unger’s most recent work.
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