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What is Earth School?

Every month Jenna Griffths interviews experts in various fields inviting them to share their wisdom with you.

Each month a different theme is explored.

There’s a specialist class leading off from the main auditorium. These classes meet monthly. You can go to the latest Interviews by clicking on the Interview tab above.

This is where you learn how to use the information in your hands to be a happy healthy successful you.

The first 6 months Jena has invited Richard Unger to come teach you in Earth School.

Richard is a genius at identifying markers and what they mean. Every month we’ll spend an hour with Richard looking at hand markers related to Earth School’s Monthly theme. We’ll also look at how this ties back to your own particular thesis in Earth School and how to use this information to manage your thoughts and emotions.

You’ll be able to submit questions before and during the calls.

You can join as a couple or as a single. We encourage you to bring a partner or friend along with you for the journey at no extra expense. Earth School is about using your fingerprints for conscious partnering.

What if you don’t have a partner or friend who wants to go on this journey?

No problem, we’ll team you up with another member. You’ll also have a support group of friends, colleagues and teachers who see, support and nurture your highest potential. Who encourage you, appreciate you and help you get what you need to fly.

Benefits for everyone

Benefits for hand readers