Interview with Stephen Busby – replay

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Replay: Interview with Stephen Busby.
Living and working from higher consciousness
Thursday March 26, 2015
Stephen Busby

More about Stephen

Stephen has spent over 30 years’ exploring higher human potential and purpose in himself and others.
He helps individuals bring their own inner work out into their external work environment and out into the world in a larger more participatory way by synchronizing inner and outer worlds.
Stephen is based in Switzerland and also Findhorn, Scotland.
We’ll explore Stephen’s work including some practical exercises you can do – subtle shifts that cause a radical shift in how you live and work.
We will also discuss Stephen’s forthcoming online course with Nicholas Janni on how paying attention to ones broader awareness is a gateway to a more embodied contribution.
More on this. Read more about Stephen on his website

Additional questions put to Stephen after the call

What advice can you give to people wanting to synchronize their inner and outer worlds?

Practice, essentially with others, within a framework where a certain energy has already been grounded and embodied by others
the ‘wanting’ you refer to would be a useful theme to begin inquiry

How can people start bringing their rich inner work into the workplace without creating disconnect?

the question is multi-levelled and would need separating out so that its assumptions can be better explored
e.g. it presupposes that a ‘workplace’ would be different in some way, and potentially problematic
and that disconnect is create-able by others, or something outside our selves (rather than a symptom of a movement in the field)

How does one listen with one’s full body?
again, practice, essentially with others, within a framework, etc
there is no state to reach of listening-with-full-body, more an ongoing, unfolding subtle process, in which the body participates as one of many dimensions ‘listening’ is explored as it leads to new inner worlds

How can one get into deeper contact with the field and still be proactive rather then reactive?

authentic deeper contact would expose and bring awareness, movement, and sometimes healing, to so-called reactivity
my reactivity would be explored, again, as symptomatic of deeper layers, wanting attention / attractive energy

Specifically for hand analyst community:

You have a hand shape type that indicates a tendency to be always thinking one step ahead, in the future, rather than in the present moment.
I’m curious to know how you manage to spend so much time in the present. Perhaps you have valuable advice for other people who are this type.

thanks, tho’ I doubt that advice from anyone would be of much use
‘being present’ comes gradually, through practice and deepening embodiment, amidst frequent lapses,
there are various kinds of ‘futures’, one of which is a mental temptation / distraction / cultural conditioning, and like everyone I also go there a lot!
other futures and more timeless and part of the potential-of-the-unfolding-present

Is thinking about what you are feeling and the consequences of what you are feeling not also a way of not actually parking your mind?

yes I think it could be, not sure I know what parking my mind is / feels like, more that my mind is accommodated within larger spaces where it has no need to dominate

some of the above is further elaborated on in my Facebook community page
and in section b of my resources page too.

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