How to ho’oponopono your mother-in-law

by Jena Griffiths
Have you noticed how when you complain about
or try to change someone else
it’s like trying to put lipstick onto the reflection
in the mirror instead of directly onto your own lips?

The lipstick just doesn’t go where it’s supposed to
and you end up with a big mess.
And a rather upset face staring back at you.

So here’s a little experiment
a kind of mother’s day “challenge”
inspired by guy from Hawaii called Dr Len.

Did you know, he cured a whole ward of dangerous,
criminally insane patients simply
by working on himself using an Hawaiian technique
called Ho’oponopono?

The challenge?
Can you change the mirror of life around you
by working from within?

If you love and adore and thank and forgive the
part of you that the other person is reflecting
what happens?

Mothers and Mother-in-laws usually carry our shadow for us.
(Either one’s positive shadow or one’s negative shadow)

If each of us owns up to our own shadow just a little today
we lighten the load for the un-thanked heroes of this world.

What better gift to give on mother’s day?

Actually, my mother in law is perfect saint.
I think I’ll own that quality today and
and stop trying so hard to be one myself.

Whether the mother in your life
is a dragon or a saint
hug her
by hugging yourself today.
And breathe for your inner child before you breathe for anyone else.

Ps. If you love to draw or paint,
send me an image of your inner mother, inner granny
or inner mother-in-law. Your inner dragon or inner saint.

And, to put the lipstick on your own lips instead of on everyone else’s in your life, book a session with me here.

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