Gaining permission and trust during a hand analysis session

This tip was given to me by Alana Unger several years ago during a private supervision hour. I find it such useful advice, that I’ve had an illustration made specially to share this vital tip with you. (Alana is Richard’s wife and a brilliant hand analyst in her own right.)
Subject sensitivity in a hand analysis session

Whenever you look at a set of hands, imagine that you’re looking through a gun site with the hair lines crossing right where the heart lines would meet if you held the two hands next to each other.
The point where these lines cross is the most sensitive area to discuss. The further away you move from the center the easier it is to discuss a marker. Markers in the center area are to do with sex and deep feelings. It is not a good idea to discuss any markers in this area without first gaining trust and asking for permission. If you do go here too early, you risk overstepping personal boundaries and shutting down the reading.
Here are some suggestions to experiment with: start your session in the outer most circle and gradually work inwards as you gain trust.
Avoid discussing markers in the inner zone during your first session with a client. You could be perceived as insensitive or perhaps even aggressive even though your intentions are caring and sincere.