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There are 3 free classes by Richard Unger on this page.

2 free lectures by Richard Unger.
These are timeless classics from the genius behind modern hand analysis:

1. What the hands reveal

free hand analysis classes
Part 1. 29 minutes 39 seconds

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Part 2. 24 minutes, 39 seconds

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2. Hand Gestures + Ring Psychology

free hand analysis class
Part A

28 minutes, 38 seconds

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Hand Gestures + Ring Psychology – part B

24 minutes, 49 seconds

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Additional class with Richard Unger plus reference documents

In this call we discussed several topics where people are commonly misinformed about what their hands are saying:
broken life lines, simians, warts and wounds. We also discussed a forthcoming course with Richard on advanced hand shapes.
Here’s the reference page for this call.

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The above call has been edited into 4 shorter calls for listeners’ convenience.

What do broken life lines really mean?
Broken Life Lines 16 minutes 51

Advice for Simians
15minutes 12

What do warts and wounds on hands mean?
Warts and Wounds 11 minutes 02

Advanced Hand Shape – narrowing down life purpose and career options.
Advanced Hand Shape.
Here’s the transcript including last 10 minutes.

Tuesdays with Richard

hand analysis classes online Jena Griffiths interviews Richard Unger
Now you can learn about your hands directly from Richard every Tuesday in Earth School.
Every month Jenna interviews Richard on a different topic. Every month there’s a practical advanced threading class.
Twice a month we explore advanced hand shapes. Find out more here.
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