Do you have a Beton Bottom?

By Jena Griffiths
Beton is a German word for the stuff you make when you mix cement with gravel, water and whatever else is at hand. A few lose screws from a crazy friend, lucky coins etc.

Once you commit your marbles and actually mix the ingredients together you have to act fast or the Beton will set not quite where you had in mind.

Intuition is a lot like Beton.

It comes in based on some thought or intention you sent
out into the ethers (the fruit-waters of the universe that nourish us all at all times)
and then you have to act fast.

You need to take massive immediate action or you’ll end up with a big ugly lump of something somewhere rather inconvenient, like right on your front door step. Then suddenly the door can’t close any more so the wind howls in and wild animals run away with your shoes.

This is why people are terrified of their own intuition and do everything possible to stop it seeping in through all the cracks in their mind. The best way to stop it is fill your mind with so many thoughts and other trivia that intuition just flows over the outer surface and straight down the drain. Then maybe you’ll be safe. And able to keep your house the way it is, with the door to change firmly shut. Well, for a while anyway.

This is a bit like trying to force a growing child to wear the shoes you bought yesterday, even though their toes grew 3 cm over night. It just isn’t going work long term.

Why not?
Because you’re a giant pretending to be house mouse. And what’s going on in the world right now is designed to wake you up. The more deeply you’ve been sleeping, the more rude your current awakening.

So what to do?

Take massive immediate action right now.


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What has this to do with bottoms?

Oh my gosh, I’ve got carried away as usual. I wanted to tell you about a crazy tradition in Switzerland. A way to raise your ceilings without anyone noticing or saying its illegal.

How’s that?

Dig down. Put a new solid, deeper foundation on a house that’s already standing, without ripping the whole house down. You can do the same in your own life.
You don’t have to destroy what you already have (unless you want to of course).
(For example, you don’t have to end a marriage, or abandon your kids or slit your wrists. Or die of some terrible dis-ease. Unless you want to of course.)

You can achieve change (raise your ceilings) in a far more gentle, graceful manner. Unless of course your current “house” is far too small and constricting for whatever or whoever you’re currently becoming.

How can you make gentle, graceful but radical changes in your own life?
You do this by taking time each day to go within. Dig down deep, let the intuition flow. Then take immediate and massive action, and put the beton exactly where you need it. Do this for just 5 minutes a day, starting today and next thing you’ll find you’ve raised your ceilings beyond your wildest dreams and built a solid foundation to your life at the same time.

A friend of mine poured new beton into a new deeper foundation in her home yesterday. When I suggested she leave a hand print in it, she joked saying maybe she’d leave a totally unique, totally different mark somewhere absolutely secret. For her own eyes only. A Beton bottom print! I loved the idea so much I gave her a marble to add to her masterpiece.

I think I’d better go over there now and make sure she hasn’t got stuck in her own doing.
; ) and if she really did find the courage to create something different, special and unique, and I’m allowed I’ll take a picture, I’ll post it in the member’s zone with no explanation whatsoever. It’ll serve as a rude reminder to all of us.

To do what?
Lighten up. Just do it. Commit your marbles, and leave your unique mark on the universe.

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