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Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig will give his perspective on Burnout

Next Monday, 18 December at 8am Berlin/CET, 7am UK Time elsewhere dreamstime_948254
We will be looking for sanity, talking to Markus Hirzig on Burnout. What does it mean and what to do?
This will be a free call open to all. Register in advance here Live call will be on this page on the day.
If you can’t join us live, ask questions by writing them here…
The replay will be available shortly after the event. Join Earthuni free for call reminders.

Group Coaching With Markus

Learn to ground yourself and Develop your Subtle Body Competencies with Markus Hirzig –
A new series of coaching calls with Markus Hirzig
Starts April 2018Join us here
7am CET/Berlin, 6am UK, 10 pm USA Pacific.

2018 Specialist Classes in Earthuni

end old emotional pain
Drs Ingeborg Bosch will be teaching a PRI Level 1 Certification course in Earthuni soon.

Past Reality Integration – PRI level 1 Practitioner Certification Course with Drs Ingeborg Bosch.
Starts 30 January 2018

Register for this course in Earthuni join us here…

For more about PRI visit the PRI site.
Listen to an interview with Ingeborg here….

Replay of introductory call with Ingeborg Bosch

Tuesday, 12 September 2017, Drs Ingeborg Bosch on Past Reality Integration.
What is PRI and how can it help you?
PRI is a shortcut to happier relationships, better parenting and a more functional life.
Past Reality Integration, PRI for short, helps you to live your life fully in the now. The clear, detailed model shows you how your past negatively impacts your present life. But, more importantly, PRI gives you the possibility to remove these blockages, with effective techniques and practical tools, that you can apply independently.
Replay of this introductory call with Ingeborg is here

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