Inspiring kids. Empowering adults. “Teach your children to dream a different dream.” Amazonian elder

Meeting Your Power Animal Spirits

power animals with Itzhak Beerypower animals

A journey to meet your power animal with New York’s Itzhak Beery.

Replay of this interview
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Venue: American Women’s Club of Zürich.
Dates: Friday eve: 17 June 2011:
19h – 19.40 Introductory Talk and questions 20 Fr.
19.00 – 22.00 Attend the talk and the power animal journey Fr. 60.-
Saturday Morning 18 June: 9h00 – 12h00 Finding your power animal workshop – 3 hours Fr 60.- (more info below)
Saturday Afternoon 18 June. 13h00 – 16h00 Mother healing workshop. – 3 hours Fr. 60.– (More info here)
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Itzhak on depression from a shamanistic perspective.

What happens in a workshop with Itzhak?

Accompanied by drumbeat, participants learn to journey to the animal energies and shape-shift into them, allowing each person to merge with their animal nature—a reflection of our innermost self that represent those qualities we need most in this world, but which are often hidden, or repressed.
Participants will learn to travel to the other worlds to obtain personal Power Animal spirits, to connect with these spirits, and to retrieve specific knowledge. This knowledge can be used in our world to build confidence and self reliance, to heal, settle disputes, to communicate between the living and the dead, to create abundance, and to pray for the well being of the environment, for others and ourselves.

Itzhak’s work with power animals in US schools

This program is designed to stimulate young people to think, question, and re-examine the way they relate to themselves, to others and to the earth, to inspire and empower them to explore their cultural heritage. Through a series of processes the children introduced to tools they can take back to their life. The workshop time is about bonding, sharing, and enjoyment—an affirmation that learning can be fun and enlightening. It aims to stimulate students to think, question, and explore alternative possibilities, and to cultivate a greater capacity for wisdom in solving problems. The program is multi-sensory, and includes movement, music, rhythm, story telling, and guided imagery.
The students come together to sit in a circle on the floor in order to create an alternative environment and spark their creativity.

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Testimonial from a New York educator
I have known Itzhak Beery for eight years, primarily as a guest lecturer in my Metaphysics class at Stuyvesant H.S. Mr. Beery showed enormous dedication by coming to speak to my juniors and seniors term after term. His knowledge of drumming and spiritual journeys is outstanding and his ability to connect with youngsters is superb. I was very impressed by the excellent responses his experiential seminars evoked in the students; they listened, took in his teachings, asked probing questions and were willing to learn what he had to offer. Mr. Beery would come two or three times a semester to each class, in order to present a coherent body of information. The students always looked forward to his visits and gave highly positive feedback afterwards. I had many opportunities to talk with and get to know Mr. Beery over coffee or lunch, during and after his visits, and grew to know him personally as well. I find him to be sensitive, caring and humble—willing to share his varied experiences and life journey to enhance the understanding of how he came to acquire this wisdom. He is a loving parent (one of his sons was in my class, which is how we first met), extremely grounded and part of the society. His talent lies in relating to people, especially students, in a way that allows them to really take in important lessons about how to be open to parts of themselves as well as how to live healthily in this world. I taught for 32 years and rarely have encountered anyone else whose personality and presentation are so suited to interacting with youngsters. I know Mr. Beery will do an outstanding job wherever he has the chance to speak freely with students. I am aware of his present ventures, bringing his ideas and his group to schools, and wholeheartedly support him in this. I think your school would greatly benefit by having the talents and presence of Mr. Beery as part of your program. I recommend him to you as a learned, inspiring and committed educator who will undoubtedly enhance your students’ awareness of themselves and the world around them.
Sincerely, Ira Bindman, Ph.D.
Feedback from participating students:
Quotes from 10th and 11th grades students from Stuvysant high School “The panther that befriended me represents something I want to become. A panther is both strong and protective, yet intelligent- those are the qualities I desire. This journey helped me realize what I really want to become and what characteristics I want to bestow.” J.L
“The constant sound of the drums in the background kept me focused and help me to sort out my feelings.” G.M
“It was something new and exciting and it allow me to open my mind to new things.” N.K “I have been able to learn a lot about myself from my power animal, which happens to be a rabbit… This meditation helped me to see that music, which was big part of my life before, was missing from it now. And I missed it…I think I might go back to playing the clarinet” S.T
“I think that the shamanic drumming we did in class were very powerful… The Answer I gave my partner and the one he gave me were both quite accurate. “ E.A
“Like the lion, I am fiercely competitive and love to win at everything. I like to be a leader and can be bossy at times. I also have a very volatile temperament, and finally there is the fact that my zodiac sign is the Leo…The exercise served as a vehicle through which I could contact my own knowledge, absorb it, and better apply it to my life. J.S
“Last week, I experienced something like never before…I was flying in the air…I felt as if a big weight had been lifted off me…The birds were all different colors. They represented all the confusion that were in my thoughts…When I opened my eyes, I felt relaxed and couldn’t help but smile.” N.K
“I asked my question. “How I can gain a perfect body?” It looked at me and than it lashed my arm. I was shocked. Why would my power animal try to make me lose my own personal power? He asked me, “Are you angry that I hurt you?” “Of course,” I said. Then It came slower and asked “Why? Do you value your body? You asked me how you could gain a perfect body and I showed you. By valuing your body you have a perfect body” It was a profound moment and a very sincere one… Over all it was a very personal moment of enlightenment.” L.L.
Students from other schools:
“I saw the answer without seeing anything. I felt what I should do to focus on my life. I should let everything go and just concentrate on something. I can’t really explain it. It was to concentrate the way I concentrated on the coyote’s eyes. I did this for the rest of the journey and came back to room 836 satisfied and calm.” R.R
“ It was terrific experience and I enjoyed the shamanistic drumming very much. They should come back”. G.E
“The experience was quite interesting and fun. It helped me to realize some of my goals and where my attention needs to be focused. This was enjoyable and challenging at the same time, and I am looking forward to being able to do this again.” J.L “ I found that the constant rhythm actually brought me to a level of consciousness that was deeper than my normal meditation state, and I felt my whole body relaxed. I’m really glad I had the chance to experience this.” E.H
“What is my true calling in life? Was my profound question. I went back down to my animal… After talking to this prairie dog it opened a door inside me that lead me to some sort of enlightenment, and it was rather important.” Y.E
“It helped me discover something I lie to myself about daily- that I need love, and companionship.” Y.H.K
Thoughts from indigenous elders:
“The most incredible sign of our times is that all of humanity is singing the same song in many different languages and traditions. The song is a hymn of hope for unity of purpose as peoples of the world learn to respect and love one another, and to cherish and protect the natural resources that sustain our lives.” Bernardo Peixoto, (Ipupiara, native Brazilian Shaman)
“Teach your children to dream a different dream.” Amazonian elder
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