Advanced hand shapes with Richard Unger, hosted in Earth School by Jena Griffiths

Train your eyes to tell the difference between complex hand shapes and be able to integrate this insight into your readings. Normally this material is only covered in the advanced yearlong or Master Hand analyst classes.

We covered all the mythological shapes and also numerous tip types and finger zone types.

Master of my Domain, Big Ideas, Man or Woman of Action, The Red Queen, Forest Ranger, Professor, Hephaestus, The Musician, Artisan, Web Designer, Actress, Ballet Dancer, Just Plain Smart, Sherlock, Hot Ideas, Inner Inquiry, The Storyteller & the Herald, The Philosopher, Tinkerer & Mad Scientist, The Expert, The Home Maker (Conic), The Patriarch, The Riverboat Gambler, The Advocate, The Cosmic Staircase, The Judge, The Tycoon, The Starlet.

We also looked at numerous hand print queries to further train our eyes to spot finer differences.

These two series together cover 28 advanced hand shapes and 28 hand print query classes on each type, in total 56 classes.

Plus six more classes as a bonus three theory and three practical on hand shape archetypes: Samurai, Connoisseur & Joplin tip.
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