Jena Griffiths interviews Richard Unger weekly for Earth School

Tuesdays with Richard

Learn hands directly from Richard Unger every Tuesday in Earth School.
The live calls are always at 9.30 am Pacific, 6.30 pm Central Europe/Switzerland.
You don’t have to attend live. Download the replay into your phone or computer and listen to them over and over at your convenience.

Topic calls: First Tuesday of the Month
Advanced Threading classes Second Tuesday of the month. Fine tune your skills. Learn to find the key to any hand. Take your skills to a new level, even if you’re already a highly experienced hand analyst.
Heart and Spiritual Journey markers Third and Fourth Tuesday of the Month.

Join us for 4 calls a month – except the holiday months (July, August, December and January) when there are 2 calls a month.

Trial offer – join us for just $1

Get a 30 day trail membership for just $1.
Attend all our calls for the next month and only then decide if “Tuesdays with Richard ” is for you.
After the trial period you’ll automatically be subscribed for all topic, threading and hand shape calls for only $125 per month.
You can un-subscribe whenever you wish. 100% risk-free.

All calls in 2015

Heart and Spiritual Journey markers provisional schedule
February 17 & 24 – Desire Pollution, Burden of Expectation, Selfishness Point
March – D Fork, Co-Dependency, The Ladder, Grand Gesture
April – Living In Disguise Markers: Clark Kent, Gina in Donna
Clothes, Sand Bagger, Nice Garden Syndrome, Short Upper Apollo, Water
Cooler Psychiatrist
May- Star of Tears (and the other Dark Side Markers: Saturn Ring, Neptune
Frown, Girdle Frown, Zindler Frown, Lover’s Frown, Abyss Line, Jacob’s
June – Mate Selection Indicators
July – Attack Lines
September – Dangling XXX’s, Diamonds and Boxes
October – Love at First Sight, Sisyphus, Pyramus-Thisbe
November – Jacob’s Ladder and Reverse Jacob’s Ladder, String of Lights

Looking forward to having you with us in this growing community