Interview Series with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Learn directly from the Maestro. Jena Griffiths brings the teacher of all accredited hand analysis teachers direct into your living room to teach you about your hands. Each month Jena grills Unger on a different topic, getting him to explain the precise meanings and differences between markers.
Submit written questions before and during the call. You’ll get video replays plus reference documents on the topic plus query prints. You also get membership to Jena‘s inner circle with extra resources and support from Jena. Whether you are a master analyst or a complete beginner, these classes bring you up to speed. This series is the most affordable way to access the most up-to-date hand analysis knowledge available. If you’re a pro yourself, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to stay current, competent and ahead in your field. Comments from participants: “Extremely generous in content.” “Invaluable.”
See the entire reference library of calls – view the library here
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gift markings, life purpose hand analysis

The Gift Markings Series

Learn about Gift Markings directly from Richard Unger, the originator of this system.
Jena Griffiths interviewed Richard over 12 calls. Plus 12 practical classes related to series of markers
Each call covers one (and sometimes two or three) Gift Markers in great depth,
exploring the implications, plus new insights never discussed before.

One free call – Instant access here.

lifePrints by Richard Unger, life lessons

The Life Lessons

Exploring the Life lessons
Richard Unger on 10 Life Lessons. Understand the core issues of each lesson at a level that has never been penetrated before.
Jena Griffiths interviewed Richard over 10 calls, exploring each of the lessons in great depth.
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hand shape archetypes, hand analysis online classes

Understanding the Archetypes

Discover the mythological archetypes in your hands.
Richard Unger’s latest work on advanced hand shapes.
A new breakthrough course that will shave years off your learning curve. Jena brings the teacher of all accredited teachers and master hand analysts direct into your living room to teach you his latest work.
16 Mythological archetypes ( 32 classes) plus
12 more advanced archetypes (24 classes)

Fingerprint Decoding Course by Jena Griffiths

Mindfulness at your fingertips
How to correctly analyze fingerprints as a life purpose tool.
This course is perfect for healers, coaches, counselors or anyone
wishing to add this incredible work to their own repertoire.
It’s also for you if you want to discover your own life purpose,
and learn a daily practice of mindfulness and mutual support.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
1. read life purpose and life lesson from fingerprints with confidence
2. use fingerprints as an energy management tool
3. use fingerprints to transform your life and the lives of others
24 week course by Jena Griffiths Start now.

Foundation Classes

Hand Analysis Foundation Classes by Jena Griffiths

Get a solid foundation in professional hand analysis

Is your hand analysis knowledge a bit out of date, shaky, or with weak foundations?
Update your database and improve your skills.
These classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced hand analysts.
Download 12 Essential classes on hand markers related to personality psychology.
Includes recordings, transcripts and reference pages.
Instant Access here. Start right now.

Consultations or in person courses with Jena, find out more here.



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Feedback from current students

“Jena is an exceptional women and teacher. I have been lucky enough to learn from Jena in a small class room environment over the course of three days and virtually in an intimate online group mentoring program. I was inspired to pursue the Intensive Hand Analysis Foundation training after witnessing Jena’s authentic passion for this work in person and after seeing the accuracy of this modality in my own hands and those around me.

“The depth of knowledge Jena holds on the study of hand analysis is remarkable and she is incredibly generous with her time and wisdom. Her attention to detail is outstanding and she continues to over delivers on content and support – for anyone considering the journey into the world of hand analysis, Jena is a master in this field and brings not only a huge body of knowledge but also a warmth and energy that leaves you wanting to learn more and more from her. I can’t recommend Jena enough as a mentor, thank you Jena for taking me down roads I’ve never travelled and teaching me how to explore my own inner workings through the exploration of my hands. It’s been a wonderful experience in more than ways than one.”

Rose V
New Zealand

“If you’re considering taking a hand analysis course from Jena Griffiths, do it! Whether your goal is to better understand yourself and your life’s purpose or you plan to work as professional practitioner, there is no better teacher than Jena Griffiths. Jena is a master analyst with a wealth of information. Her courses are thoughtfully organized and structured so you can work at your own pace, and the best part of her program is the personal mentoring where you can ask questions and get feedback. As a lifelong learner, this is by far the best-valued course I have ever purchased. Highly recommend.”

Doreen DeAvery
California, USA

Richard Unger
Jena really knows her stuff. Having worked with her on the Earth School interviews for six years, I have been continuously impressed with Jena’s super-accurate knowledge of the extensive data base on lines, fingerprints and hand shapes. More impressive, her practiced eye on hand shape pattern recognition, including rarely seen hand types, is exemplary. To learn hands from Jena is to learn from an expert.

Richard Unger
Author of LifePrints

What people said about
the Foundation Classes

“THANK YOU!! This is ALL so very wonderful! It will take me time to read it all (a very thick Course binder has been created!!) — I value so very much all the work you have put into creating this Course. It is all truly remarkable. In deep appreciation!!! – Joyah French

“Thank you so much for all your information. I love it.
I’ve been studying hand analysis for some years together with a friend. We bought your lessons and now every piece of the puzzle falls together! Your explain everything very clearly, and together with the clear prints I’ve now found a lot of new things and understand them.
You give me the energy to go on with this and that is nice because I love to do it!”- Margreet Parlevliet

“I’ve worked with various Hand Analysis teachers. I’ve been patient with my own process as I’ve pursued other interests, but have always come back to hands and now wanting to make it a foundational piece to my work. I’ve found it challenging to find access to the information. I know it must have been quite a project to put this together.
Just wanted to say thank you. It’s perfect. ” – Laura Selis

“I have to tell to that I am loving your program! It is providing me with such a solid foundation from which to grow – thank you! I’m taking my time with it, mostly out of necessity. Still, I am so grateful that I can come back to your recordings and support materials. Not only are they adding to my knowledge base, but I’m also finding the time I spend with them to be nurturing for myself right now.” – Ann Marie Roth,

“I am absolutely loving the course, thanks for asking, so much juicy information and different methods of delivery. So far it is definitely filling in the gaps in my knowledge of hands. It has been great suddenly realizing that….. “Ahh, now I really get that”…particular aspect etc.

I also really like that you have Tomar to go through it with and ask questions, it seems to make me feel less isolated in my learning and it’s nice to hear that other people have similar questions to me. The reference notes and transcripts etc are wonderful. It seems to be a very comprehensive Foundation course. I like the email support too. So, thanks again Jena for making this easier for me to pursue.” – Sue R.
More about these foundational classes – click here

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