Hand Analysis Level 1, 2 and 3
Professional Training

24 weeks small group training and mentoring with Jena Griffiths

Empowering yourself and others through the language of hands

The Hand Analysis Foundation course teaches you how to read life purpose from fingerprints, how to identity all the other supporting factors and shows you how to use this information to help people see and embrace their depth, beauty and potential.

We have designed the training to include you wherever you are in the world. You’ll receive extensive training and enjoy multiple learning activities without having to travel.

Master hand analyst, Jena Griffiths teaches you how to use hand analysis principles in your own life and also how help friends, family and clients gain more clarity about their life purpose. You also get weekly mentoring support from Jena for further guidance, support and insight.

The course covers 24 modules – an hour and a half each.
In total, over 36 hours of in depth training by a respected and experienced teacher. Plus 26 hours practice and Q&A.
Each module covers a good mix of theory, practical skills and valuable tips from Jena’s 15 years experience of helping people through the language of hands. Practical case studies are included so that you gain experience and confidence combining markers and discussing these with others. There’s an opportunity to submit hand print queries every week.

What does the course cover?

The course covers Level 1, 2 and 3 and a lot more.
Part A covers an introduction to personality psychology (hand shape and all line formations)
Part B covers an introduction to soul psychology (decoding life purpose from fingerprints)
Part C covers practical application, combining what we learnt in Part A and Part B.

PART A: Modules 1 to 11
Personality Psychology

These modules, approx 1h30 each, cover an introduction to the principles underlying all personality indicators.
Module 1: The mythological perspective, behavioral styles and archetypes,
Module 2: Introduction to hand shape
Module 3: Thumbs and Tip Types
Module 4: The 3 major lines: Life Line, Head line, Heart line
Module 5: all markings on or under the index finger
Module 6: all markings on or under the middle finger
Module 7: all markings on or under the ring finger
Module 8: all markings on or under the mercury finger
Module 9: all markings on or under the moon and Pluto regions
Module 10: all markings on or related to Neptune, Venus and Mars regions.
Module 11: Practice and review of modules covered so far.

PART B: Modules 12 to 20

Soul Psychology
Decoding life purpose from fingerprints

Module 12

The art of seeing /training our eyes to recognize different types of fingerprints
Correctly identifying fingerprints

In this module you learn about the 4 basic types of fingerprints:
the Whorl, the Loop, the Tented arch and the Arch.
You will also learn how to identify more complex fingerprint patterns.
There are lots of tutorials to test your skills too.

Module 13
The mythological perspective & The four schools

In this module we dive deeply into the four Life Schools.
How do you determine which school you are in, what it means and and how this can help
you understand the broad themes you are exploring throughout your life.

Module 14
Identifying Life purpose

This is the fun part. Figuring out your life purpose and doing it for others too.
We have rich material here for you to dive into. Again we visit the mythological archetypes
and relate them back to you and your life purpose.

Module 15
Identifying Life Lesson

Just as a tree needs deep roots to reach its magnificence so do you.
Your lessons are your roots, they ground, nourish and inform your life.
We go into great depth on each of the life lessons and what they mean and
how you can transform them from a challenge into your greatest ally.

Module 16
Life purpose activation and mindfulness.

Most students of hand analysis don’t learn about advanced principles unless they take advanced classes. We think this information is crucial for life purpose activation so we cover it here. This is Jena’s special interest and she shares what she has learned about metaphysical principles and healing family systems.

Module 17
Common Combinations –
Diving deeper into Life Purpose

In this module we explore how to interpret fingerprints with multiple life purpose possibilities. We look at all the life purpose combinations, how to determine them and what each means. We also cover some rulings that apply when you can’t see common combinations that will help you decide how to interpret more unusual patterns.

Module 18
Common Combinations –
Diving deeper into Life Lesson

As in the previous module, we show you how to interpret fingerprints with multiple life lesson possibilities. We look at all the lessons, how to determine them and what each means. We also cover some rulings that apply when you can’t see common combinations. These help you decide how to interpret more unusual patterns.

Module 19
Interpreting unusual or tricky fingerprints

This is the module to turn to on those rare occasions when you come across a fingerprint that really seems impossible to identify. We take the worry and stress out of deciding what to do with these tricky fingerprints and teach you some principles to apply in these situations.

Module 20
Conscious partnering

In this module we explore how you can help each other grow through love and mutual respect rather than pain. Your fingerprints reveal the game in your partnership and help you understand and support each other on a deep foundational level.

PART C: Modules 21 to 24

Case studies and practical application combining fingerprints with hand shape and line formations.

Your online student portal in Earthuni

The online student training portal contains all your training modules, homework, case studies and bonuses so you can go back and review the material whenever you wish in your permanent portal.
It is quick and easy to access and you can watch the material across all your devices.

When you register for the course you will be invited to join weekly mentoring sessions with Jena. These are held in small groups for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

More about Jena Griffiths

Jena is a certified Master Hand Analyst, she also has a BA. BSc. in psychology from the University of Cape Town and two post grad degrees. (One in education.) Jena has been teaching hands for 13 years and has been published in numerous magazines.

What people are saying about the new series:

“Jena is an exceptional women and teacher. I have been lucky enough to learn from Jena in a small class room environment over the course of three days and virtually in an intimate online group mentoring program. I was inspired to pursue the Intensive Hand Analysis Foundation training after witnessing Jena’s authentic passion for this work in person and after seeing the accuracy of this modality in my own hands and those around me.

“The depth of knowledge Jena holds on the study of hand analysis is remarkable and she is incredibly generous with her time and wisdom. Her attention to detail is outstanding and she continues to over delivers on content and support – for anyone considering the journey into the world of hand analysis, Jena is a master in this field and brings not only a huge body of knowledge but also a warmth and energy that leaves you wanting to learn more and more from her. I can’t recommend Jena enough as a mentor, thank you Jena for taking me down roads I’ve never travelled and teaching me how to explore my own inner workings through the exploration of my hands. It’s been a wonderful experience in more than ways than one.”

Rose V
New Zealand

“If you’re considering taking a hand analysis course from Jena Griffiths, do it! Whether your goal is to better understand yourself and your life’s purpose or you plan to work as professional practitioner, there is no better teacher than Jena Griffiths. Jena is a master analyst with a wealth of information. Her courses are thoughtfully organized and structured so you can work at your own pace, and the best part of her program is the personal mentoring where you can ask questions and get feedback. As a lifelong learner, this is by far the best-valued course I have ever purchased. Highly recommend.”

Doreen DeAvery
California, USA

What people are saying

“THANK YOU!! This is ALL so very wonderful! It will take me time to read it all (a very thick Course binder has been created!!) — and to integrate and apply it all but I value so very much all the work you have put into creating this Course. It is all truly remarkable. In deep appreciation!!!
– Joyah French

“Thank you so much for all your information. I love it.
I’ve been studying hand analysis for some years together with a friend. We bought your lessons and now every piece of the puzzle falls together! Your explain everything very clearly, and together with the clear prints I’ve now found a lot of new things and understand them.
You give me the energy to go on with this and that is nice because I love to do it!”
Margreet Parlevliet

“I’ve worked with various Hand Analysis teachers. I’ve been patient with my own process as I’ve pursued other interests, but have always come back to hands and now wanting to make it a foundational piece to my work. I’ve found it challenging to find access to the information. I know it must have been quite a project to put this together, and love your series with Richard too.
Just wanted to say thank you. It’s perfect. ”
Laura Selis

“Your Foundations classes are just what I need to pull together my understanding and practice of hand analysis. Your presentation makes good sense, is immensely practical, very informative, and is quite fun too! Thank you for this engaging material!”
Jane Valencia