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Then there’s a playground in Earth School and specialist classes leading off from the main auditorium.
This is called Earth School’s Inner Circle.

Why join Earth School’s Inner Circle

The playground is were you learn to see your life through new eyes using hand markers and fingerprint patterns. You get free access to the playground when you join any of the specialist classes.

The first series of specialist classes are with Richard Unger.
These classes meet monthly.

Richard is a genius at identifying markers and what they mean. Every month we’ll spend an hour with Richard looking at hand markers related to Earth School’s Monthly theme. We’ll also look at how this ties back to your own particular thesis in Earth School and how to use this information to manage your thoughts and emotions.

Put these forthcoming dates with Richard in your diary right away.

All calls at 8pm central Europe . 2pm USA, Eastern, 11am Pacific.
You’ll be able to submit questions before and during the calls.

You can join as a couple or as a single. We encourage you to bring your partner with you for the journey at no extra expense. Earth School is about using your fingerprints for conscious partnering.

What if you don’t have a partner or friend who wants to go on this journey?

No problem, we’ll team you up with another member.

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Benefits for everyone

Benefits for hand readers

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Put these dates in your diary right away. 8pm central Europe . 2pm USA, Eastern, 11am Pacific. October 27, 2010, November 18, Dec 16th , January 27, Febuary 24th 2011.

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