Earth School- First Complimentary call on solutions to depression

‘Breath as Cure’

Jena interviews Dr Judith Kravitz

Topic: Breath as Cure

Hi, Jena Griffiths here,
recently I interview Dr Judith Kravitz on her invigorating cure all solution, not only for the blues, sadness and depression but also for many other physical and psychological conditions.

Dr Kravitz is author of Breath deep, laugh loud and founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation.
She has dedicated nearly 3 decades to her life to sharing her simple technique with millions of people worldwide.

During the call we dicussed:

  • How breath can change patterning at the deepest most permanaent level
  • Why breath is the most profound tool we have for total mental and emotional health
  • How breathe can access and completely clear past traumas
  • How breath can change energetic patterns in our electromagnetic field and why this helps
  • How to get immediate help with depression

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Dr Judith Kravitz says: “The more breath we have the more alive we are.”
Judging by her hectic schedule this must be so!

I attended Judith’s workshop after this interview. You can read about my experience on my blog..
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